Amsterdam Day 2 – MARATHON with #runhappy and #iamsterdam

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This was so much fun! Maybe it wasn’t the most reasonable decision to join the Amsterdam Marathon only three weeks after Berlin – but it was one of the best decisions I could make: such an awesome event, such a great audience, such a big party!

Amsterdam Marathon 2015 | 1

Three weeks ago I wasn’t sure why everyone adores the Berlin Marathon with such an abundance of passion; for me everything was just average: the track, the audience, the day. Until last Sunday it might have been possible that I was just spoiled by my wonderful experiences I made when joining the Marathon in Paris 3 times now, but for today I can say: no. Amsterdam just proved that I was totally right.

Saturday: The Marathon Expo | #runhappy

Everything on the expo just was a bit less perfectly organized, a bit more relaxed, even a little bit chaotic. We do not always need typical German planning, most visitors are running around somehow confused, everything seems to be narrow, loud, more disordered. Nevertheless, the atmosphere is amazing, the runners are excited; French, Dutch, Belgians, Germans and many more from different countries are so well disposed to everyone else.

Our Brooks ambassador team immediately visits the Dutch BROOKS stand, the colleagues from the Netherlands seem to be a bit surprised when we arrive, but then they are very happy to see and meet us. Our gang is taking over all the interesting  features at the stand, while BROOKS-member Bengü can be persuaded to try the treadmill – and Carmen, Caro and Axel already prepare for the finisher’s photo…

Amsterdam Marathon 2015 | 2

Amsterdam Marathon 2015 | 3

Start-numbers are collected, things are packed, mood is great – we are ready to run!

Sunday: The TCS Amsterdam Marathon | #iamsterdam

Nearly everyone is moaning – the group is tired and wants to stay in bed for some more hours, it’s cold and we’d prefer a „Sunday on our couches“ than a „Sunday running 42,195 kilometers“. Only Marcel shows an energy level of 130% and compels us to stop moaning – we finally surrender and decide to just lounge around the Olympic Stadium, where all runners gather for the marathon, while Sascha even manages to spontaneously organize a tiny Twitter-runners meet-up (Frederic from lä also joined the race in Amsterdam)…

Amsterdam Marathon 2015 | 4

As the marathon is going to start around 9:30, everyone is moving into the stadium’s entrance from 9am – where we are able to get an impressive sight of this great starting-area: although the seats for the spectators are not yet filled, our mood still is rising. And: even the sun glances at us for some moments!


I decided to just join team mate Mario for as long as possible – his Swiss calmness and serenity persuade me of having made a good decision concerning this plan, although I already know I won’t manage to join his pace for the hole race: this guy is well trained by running the Swiss mountains at home…

Amsterdam Marathon 2015 | 6

Amsterdam Marathon 2015 | 7

Amsterdam Marathon 2015 | 8

Amsterdam Marathon 2015 | 9

Amsterdam Marathon 2015 | 10

The Marathon

The most important fact right at the beginning: the audience in Amsterdam was AMAZING. Regardless how fast a runner had been, the support along the track was great and so impressive; regardless how strong it was raining, there just was a big party. Spectators from the Netherlands, from Belgium, even lots of French visitors were cheering at us; I do not remember how often I could I hear my name and „Hup, Dominik, hup“ or even a French „Courage! Courage!!“ and how often someone slapped my hand or my shoulder. This was completely different to Berlin, where nearly everyone was just looking at his or her smartphone; here in Amsterdam everyone just enjoyed the race event!

I’d bet that even the very last runner this day might have had support of these great guys until reaching the finish line…

Another GREAT EXPERIENCE: the supply with liquids was completely done with paper-cups and I was so happy about this when passing by the supply points. This is an important recommendation to all other marathon organizations to also do this in future races!!

Something I really liked very much: there was a „Mental Support Team“ on the track. In the second half of the marathon, some young guys wearing green shirts joined everyone who just had to walk or take a break; they bolstered them up, walked with them and really supported them mentally. This was something very special I will always remember as a part of a wonderful race organization – alongside with the great bands and the party busses, with the support-boats on canals and small rivers, even with the inhabitants in their gardens which were supporting us.

Finally I can say: this marathon was lots of fun – not due to any race result, but due to the great feeling from the start until crossing the finishing line.

Thank you, Amsterdam!!

I’ll be back one day.

End-Dreißiger, mäßig talentierter Läufer (nicht schnell, dafür aber wirklich leidenschaftlich) und jederzeit gern auch auf zwei Rädern unterwegs. Vegetarier mit veganen Tendenzen, liebt den Schwarzwald, läuft durch Berlin.

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